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20151030_93436.jpg The organ is the "king of instruments." What other single instrument can produce most of the sounds of an orchestra? It has flutes, piccolo, fife, viola, violin, cello, clarinets, trumpets, and even bassoon. The three keyboards are called the swell, the great, and the choir. A solo and celestial or echo manual are also on these.

There's a full pedal board of 30 notes which are played with the feet. The left foot plays bass and the right foot plays the tenor notes.

Our organ is unique. The harp, chimes, and vox humana (human voice) were made in an organ factory in Germany. Today they can't be duplicated or replaced in the original form. So when you hear the harp and chimes, remember that they were "born" in Germany a long time ago. This is one of the few pipe organs left in Wisconsin.

Many people think that the music comes from the gold pipes that you see. These pipes are purely decorative. The music sound doesn't come from within the console, as this is merely the mechanics that produce the wonderful sounds. The sound comes from the 25 ranks or rows of pipes located in a chamber behind the choir. These 25 ranks of pipes contain  1589 pipes with an additional 49 pipes for the harp and 20 pipes of the chimes. These pipes are all of different lengths. The length of the pipe sets the pitch and the shape of the pipe determines the tone quality.

The console which was newly installed in 1975 is in excellent condition and will last another 50 to 70 years. The organ has been an exciting and joyful part of our church worship.

- Ruth Hering

The dedication plaque